EVERY Hires Konrad Mueller-Auffermann as VP of R&D and Technology Scale-Up

PhD Mueller-Auffermann brings to EVERY® deep experience in technology development and commercial scale-up of fermentation-based and cultivated cell technologies

September 7, 2023

Dr. Konrad Mueller-Auffermann: VP of R&D, Tech Scale-Up

DALY CITY, CA, September 7, 2023 -- Dr. Konrad Mueller-Auffermann, one of the world's leading experts in beverage, food and biotech process design, has joined The EVERY Company as VP of R&D and Technology Scale-Up. In his new role, Mueller-Auffermann will spearhead EVERY’s preparation for large-scale manufacturing at purpose-built sites, accelerating its delivery of the capacity required for the $80B eggs-as-ingredients market.

Mueller-Auffermann brings over 15 years of experience working in technology development and commercial scale-up of fermentation-based and cultivated cell technologies across the globe, and has authored over 50 patents. He played key roles in optimizing processes and operations for large brewers including Krones AG, where Mueller-Auffermann led development of multiple novel technologies including working with fermenters of up to one million liters. During his time in the brewing industry, Mueller-Auffermann successfully collaborated with a number of the world’s largest breweries, including Heineken, Carlsberg and AB InBev.

Prior to joining EVERY, Mueller-Auffermann was the VP of Technology & Manufacturing Science at cultivated meat pioneer UPSIDE Foods, where he led the design and build-out of EPIC, the first industrial-scale facility for the production of cultivated meat in the U.S. News of Mueller-Auffermann’s hiring follows EVERY’s achievement of industrial-scale fermentation in partnership with BioBrew at AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer.

“The technology works. The product works. Scale is the last remaining puzzle piece – and we’re going all in,” said Arturo Elizondo, CEO of EVERY. “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Our partnership with AB InBev has reinforced the importance of leveraging vast knowledge from industries who have perfected the art of incredibly low-cost fermentation, and few have done it more cheaply or more efficiently than the beer industry. We’re excited to bring Konrad on board to turbo-charge our efforts.”

"I am thrilled to join the remarkable team at EVERY and merge my experience in large-scale traditional beverage fermentation with the complex engineering and scale-up practices of cell culture,” said Mueller-Auffermann. “This synergy presents a unique opportunity to accelerate EVERY's path to facility optimization while ensuring that the company’s innovations continue to shape the precision fermentation industry and set new standards for scaled protein production."

The addition of Mueller-Auffermann to EVERY's leadership team underscores the company's commitment to continuing to pioneer breakthroughs in precision fermentation, and to be among the first in the industry to achieve industrial-scale production across its entire operation.


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Courtney Cochran

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